Countrywide Building Services

Building a great business starts with a strong foundation and building strong foundations is what Countrywide Building Services does best.

Countrywide Building Services pride themselves on their business ability to go above and beyond for their customers for a range of building jobs.

The business is a registered building practitioner and is insured to carry out foundation work


Houses, schools, community halls, sheds etc – Raised, leveled & restumped

We use 'Duragal' steel stumps.  These are by far the best product available on the market today.  Every form of building evolves and this is the case from concrete stumps to steel.  There is no comparison with the quality.


Cracked brickwork, foundation rehabilitation - Raised & leveled

  • Because of accountability and quality issues, we never use sub-contractors in undertaking work for our customers.
  • A highly experienced engineer will lodge a council application on your behalf, and we do not "sign off" on the job until the engineer has inspected the completed project and certifies that it complies 100% with building regulations: this is a further guarantee of quality.
  • We use structural materials which are much more secure and longer lasting than the solutions often used in the industry, and which therefore add considerably to the value of your property.
  • Your property as a result of our work will have a noticeable "feel good" experience for residents and visitors alike; this includes the evenness and strengths of floors which is readily appreciated by pedestrian traffic. We guarantee that the structural integrity of your property will be enhanced by the quality of our work, and this will add long term value to your most important asset.
  • We have the range of equipment necessary to do the job in a proper, professional manner - which means that your property can be properly stabilised to enable rehabilitation to proceed; this avoids the unfortunate but common practice of partial levelling only, due to inadequate supply of equipment that is needed for the job.
  • We generally do fixed price work so there are no surprises for our customers as the project proceeds.